Has UpGrad disrupted Digital Marketing Training in India?

India stands at the cusp of a new revolution. If the last decade or two belonged to IT, the time now belongs to automation and digital. As companies transform digitally, there is an increasing need of digital marketers and digital transformation champions, and above all for all employees to be digitally savvy. The time has come for people to skill up, in order for their companies to scale up.

While many people claim to understand digital, it’s tough to gauge the real extent of their knowledge. Increasingly, the industry will look for true expertise and skill sets that can deliver tangible results. There will be clear winners in this pursuit and these will be the people who didn’t just go after the vanity metrics everybody was chasing, but focussed on results over presentation and on the future of digital over achievements of the past.
Now if you ask us, there are many ways you can get there, you can spend multiple years in various jobs, pick up different skills before you reach that stage in your marketing career; or you can spend a fraction of that time, choose a comprehensive course that  teaches those skills and take the elevator that gets you to your goal.

Digital Know it all with UpGrad

One such course we recently came across is UpGrad’s digital marketing certification program. The course instantly caught our attention because of the numerous industry experts who are attached as mentors, faculty and guides, including some big names like Karan Sarin, Ashok Lalla, Apurva Chamaria, Colvyn Harris and many others. On digging deeper, we found out what the hype and hoopla was all about. Let’s see what they are doing..

So basically, what UpGrad says they are trying to create through this program is full stack marketers- i.e. people who have a 360-degree approach to Digital Marketing spanning across different channels. Most of these professionals particularly excel in a few domains of marketing while spreading their knowledge and skill set wide to encompass the other areas- something people also refer to these days as “T-shape” marketers given the higher expertise in specific areas. Naturally, these marketers are one of the most sought after managers, digital marketers and even CMOs and CEOs whom brands look forward to hire.

To become such a sought-after professional could be part natural and part nurtured. UpGrad seems to have focused on three key areas which they say if marketers focus upon will make them stand out.

1. Ivy-League B-School Standard Case Studies

We all know there is no dearth of case studies available on the internet, so what are these guys doing different? UpGrad went directly to brands such as HDFC, Grofers, HCL, Zivame, Star Sports, Thomas Cook and many more to understand their real challenges and discover how they went about solving them. They then collated these insights into Ivy League standard case studies i.e. not just graphs and numbers but simulation of real time business problems. This we believe is nothing short of a treat for any marketer; getting into the skin of CMOs and CEOs and solve real business situations is something most people don’t get a chance to do till a very later stage in their career.


2. All theory and no application makes you a dull marketer

If you were to observe the internet trend these days- it seems that reading a few blogs and writing one is almost all that it takes to be an ‘expert’ these days! While we agree that researching and reading does help to an extent, but the real value lies in application of those methods. As they say, reading helps people learn, but implementing helps them learn forever. To their credit, UpGrad handles this problem quite efficiently. They have tied up with an upcoming e commerce company and the participants of the program get to not just conceptualize but actually run live digital campaigns for this brand. Everything from search to display to remarketing by working on their real TG and custom audience. One brilliant move that, we think.

UpGrad Digital Marketing Training Program

3. Cross Channel Conversion Driven Marketing Rules

The spread of Digital is so wide that even most experts we meet regularly take time out to get their head around certain platforms and update themselves on latest trends. To address the dynamic nature of the field, UpGrad’s course focuses on cross channel strategizing and conversion, an otherwise complex mechanism that has been simplified to help participants make a comprehensive end to end digital marketing plan. We think this would definitely help people focus more on the overall business goal instead of channel performance in silos. In the end the only profitable way to attract, nurture, convert & delight consumers is through balancing short term conversions with long term scale up strategy.

Well you know it is quite difficult to impress us but honestly if there was anything left to be done, their demo experience did it for us. We must admit that this UpGrad team is up to something unique and just a sneak peek into their platform and content captured us.  In this industry with so many players in the digital marketing training space, their proposition does feel like a breath of fresh air- with uncompromised focus on core concepts and application.

But don’t just take it on our words, if you too are intrigued with their offering which we must say looks very promising- check out their program page. You can try their course demo for free as well.
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Until next time, signing off, Team DD!

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