Why do you need to shift the focus from Digital Marketing to Marketing in the Digital Age?

UpGrad Digital Marketing Training Program 2016

Microsoft acquired LinkedIn at $26bn, a move that moved many. Why is an enterprise player like Microsoft interested in a ‘social media network’ like LinkedIn? Why pay so much for what is effectively a website? It’s because LinkedIn isn’t just a tool for digital marketing but is a fundamental shift in how companies reach out to their prospects today. What earlier used to be restricted to Google ads has now moved much beyond all channels put together, it is about how digital is at the core of marketing efforts for brands. From digital marketing, the messaging and context has shifted to marketing in the digital age.

LinkedIn isn’t just a social network, it is the place where professionals come share, discuss, do business and more. Facebook isn’t just a friend’s hangout zone, it’s a media property that makes or breaks decisions and builds opinions. Twitter isn’t a tool to tweet, it is a trailer of what is happening and what is about to happen in this world. Professionals need to move beyond looking at all these platforms as just digital marketing channels and leverage the true strength of the ecosystem that they have collectively created.

Ashok Lalla, Industry Advisor, UpGrad
Ashok Lalla, Industry Advisor, UpGrad

Mr Ashok Lalla, a globally renowned face of the Indian digital industry feels that “The use of digital by brands has so far been largely channel-driven, with a focus on websites, search, social networks… mainly because folks who are digital ‘specialists’ in specific channels drive digital activities, both at client- and agency-side. What’s needed instead is a wholesome approach that places digital central to the marketing and business continuum. That’s when the real power of digital as a key business lever starts getting realized.”

Over the years, many online Digital Marketing courses have heavily relied on teaching just channels and tools, but now it’s time to go a step beyond that. To keep up with an ever-evolving consumer and platforms, Digital Marketers of today need to change their ways as well and understand the strategic aspect of marketing. Thankfully, there are companies like UpGrad, cofounded by media stalwart Ronnie Screwvala, which are focusing on just that and offering futuristic digital marketing courses that allow young marketers to not just learn, but implement, execute with real money in real time.  Yes, that’s right, students get to run live campaigns worth INR 15,000; making UpGrad’s program the first Digital Marketing training program to do so.

Not just this student go through real industry projects based on past marketing campaigns and then get to interact directly with the marketers who was in charge of the campaign. Imagine attempting a case study on how Grofers defined its Social Media strategy and then receiving feedback directly from the Head of Social Media at Grofers about what you could have done better.

With a team that boasts of Asia Pacific head of Digital Marketing of Microsoft, a professor from Cambridge University, former Digital head of JWT, Global Digital heads of HCL and InMobi and many more – they are committed to changing the course of how digital marketing is taught.

You can sign up for their free webinars where you get to learn more from the who’s who of the industry and check out some of their course offerings here.



Speaking on the program Sujoy Golan, Head of Global Digital Marketing at InMobi said “I have been very impressed with the way UpGrad has reimagined digital marketing for this course. The course brings together a CMOs and top digital marketers in the country all on one platform to both mentor students as well as teach them. Importantly projects that are part of this program are not projects that are just been conceptualised in the classroom but they are industry projects that address real pain point and scenarios of this industry.”

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