Zomato’s late night food delivery ad strategy will shock you!

Shock and surprise actually! Wow Zomato, too good, funtastic! What an innovative campaign!

Zomato Ad Words Late Night Delivery Strategy 2
Some of the Zomato ads from XVideos (Source : Zomato Blog)

Zomato has always been known to be one of those cool brands. With the fancy facebook creatives (You might be interested in checking out Best Zomato creatives from 2015) and witty messaging, they have always been a step ahead of the competition. This time round however, Zomato seems to have gone naughty(well literally)!

When the tea faced the challenge of promoting the all new midnight delivery services that the app will offer, they thought of options to place their ads on. To their surprise, they found a clear winner in facebook? No. Adwords? No. App Installs? No. Then? XVideos! 

Zomato Ad Words Late Night Delivery Strategy 3

Their strategy it seems was quite straightforward –

“The goal was clear – get people to click. Our strategy for this was fairly straightforward, too – create something that’ll take people’s eyes off the video, they’ll click the banner because they’re (obviously) getting hungry now, and then they’ll order online on Zomato. The easiest part was creating ads that didn’t look like all other ads on porn sites, because most ads on porn sites are for…wait for it…more porn!”

Well all we can say is, what an idea sirjee! You can read more details around the campaign here

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