9 Best Fintech Courses & Certification [2021 APRIL] [UPDATED]

30+ global experts of fintech industry have conducted deep research and compiled a list of 5 best fintech courses, certificates, programs, tutorials, and classes available online for 2021. This handy list has both paid and free resources to help you learn fintech and these are perfect for beginners, intermediate learners and experts.


8 Best Fintech Courses & Certification [2021 APRIL] [UPDATED]

1. Fintech: Foundations & Applications (University of Pennsylvania)

wharton online coursesThis specialization is created with the aim to introduce you to the fundamental building blocks of the financial technologies and real-world applications through various case studies. Explore the key concepts of technology-driven financial strategies, from complex regulations to cryptocurrency to portfolio optimization, the disruptive force of changing payment methods, regulatory landscape and gain a better understanding of the robo-advising, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, and blockchain. After the completion of the classes, you will be proficient in making informed decisions about deploying financial technologies for your business.


Key USPs-

– Well designed curriculum and elaborately explained content.

– The basic idea of financial services is recommended by not necessary.

– Evaluate investment products using Modern Portfolio Theory.

– Understand cryptocurrency and blockchain in financial contexts.

– The flexible routine allows you to learn at your own pace.


Duration: 1 month, 15 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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2. FinTech Foundations and Overview (Coursera)

HongKong University of TechnologySpecially designed for beginners, this best course will help you understand the basics of fintech and enhance your skills. It is ideal for anyone who want to get entry into finance industry. This program has been created by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology which is known for excellence. It includes different specializations like FinTech Innovative Disruption: Implications for Society, FinTech Risk Management and FinTech Security & Regulation. During the class, you will get a multi-dimensional perspective on FinTech from consumers, investors, business person, and large firms.


Key USPs:

– Get information about FinTech Business Applications

– You will get training from good instructor – Theodore Henry King CLARK

– Understand big data analytics, blockchain and encryption and identity/privacy technologies

– Gain knowledge about FInTech technologies and FinTech market applications

– Get a course certificate on completion

– Financial aid is also available


Duration: 7 Hours

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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3. Fintech: Innovation and Transformation in Financial Services (National University of Singapore)

This program has been created for team leaders, managers, and consultants in charge of driving innovation and designing effective solutions for their organizations. The curriculum explores the latest technologies and the techniques they can leverage to improve the financial service on a daily basis and for long-term growth. Develop an understanding of the trends of FinTech and utilize all the gained knowledge to make calculated and profitable decisions.


Key USPs-


– Learn about alternative payment and lending applications

– Explore the key challenges and pointers to remember when utilizing FinTech

– Take a look at the top innovations in this area

– List the possible pros and cons faced while building solutions

– Find out more about the regulations and trends across the globe

– Reach out to the staff with your enrolment queries


Duration: 2 months, 4 to 6 hours per week

Rating: 4.6 out of 5

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4. Global Banking Program: Fintech | Digital | Analytics (Columbia Business School)

columbia business schoolBecome a Columbia University Certified Financial Executive by signing up for this course that spans for six months and is conducted by the Ivy League Faculty of the university. The course will walk you through an understanding of the global market trends along with financial strategies and customer behavior that drives it. You will also learn the impact of digital technology on the finance sector. Interact with experts and your peers in the course from multiple disciplines and nationalities.


Key USPs –

– Learn finance from the top faculties belonging to Ivy League from the Columbia University

– Understand the global market and develop strategies to implement your learned concepts

– Become a part of the University project – Capstone and get guidance from experts

– Be a part of a distinguished alumni network after completing the project

– Understand the market trends through insights on the world’s financial capitals, New York and London


Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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Review: This course is to help financial executives with international experience to become change leaders that will help them to fulfill critical roles in banking and finance companies.



5. FinTech Professional Certificate Program By University of Hong Kong (edX)

This professional certificate program is specially designed to give you knowledge about finance and technology all over the financial system. It will give you great insights of major technologies which are involved in top players and business models in the industry. Conducted by University of Hong Kong, the program covers a lot of subjects such as business & management, economics & finance, computer science and law. It is meant for developing in-demand skills.


Key USPs:

– Get information about blockchain, its uses, design, limitations and potential

– Learn about major technologies of Fintech

– Perfect course for those who are planning to start their career in Fintech

– Just 1 to 3 hours per week effort is required

– Get exclusive training by industry experts

– Have a great understanding of the latest trends in technology, finance and regulation


Duration: 6 Weeks

Rating : 4.6 out of 5

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6. The Chief Financial Officer Program (London Business School)

If you want to expand your knowledge in the finance domain and become a chief financial officer, this course can help you in your quest. Developed by London Business School’s experienced faculty, this extensive program will provide you with everything you need to become a chief financial officer in any organization. In this program, you’ll learn how to leverage artificial intelligence and analytics to improve financial decision-making and hone your ability to communicate financial acumen and collaborate across functions effectively. Completing this program will improve your overall strategic communication skills to influence and lead internal and external stakeholder groups with greater personal impact.


Key USPs –

– A detailed financial program focused on teaching you exceptional skills and techniques required to become the chief financial officer.

– Learn how to develop a long-term, strategic vision that can be effective in maintaining a balance between the financial and non-financial performance objectives.

– Learn to build, lead, motivate and sustain high-performing teams to accelerate impact on your organization.

– Know about the Business of AI, Innovations in the Digital World, Strategic Thinking and Leadership, Monitoring Performance, and more.

– Join the alumni network of London Business School executive education with 17000 students across 150 countries.


Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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7. FinTech and the Transformation in Financial Services by CBS (Coursera)

CBS Copenhagen Business SchoolThis online course, created by Copenhagen Business School (CBS), is meant for the learners who wish to make their careers in the digital financial industries. During this class, the instructors have shared the research from North American and European finance industries. They will teach you some practices from top digital financial companies for example, PayPal, Saxo Bank, and MobilePay. If you want to learn concepts about business ecosystems and digital platforms, then you should join this training. It covers the course material related to insurance and financial trading sectors. If you are interested, do also check out our compilation of financial modeling course.


Key USPs:

– Learn how to devise a digital transformation strategy for financial service company

– Enhance your skills like financial technology, innovation, open banking and digital strategy

– Get a great insight on how digitalization works with finance

– Self-paced training that you can attend from anywhere

– Premium videos and quizzes to improve your skills


Duration: 3 Months

Rating : 4.3 out of 5

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8. FinTech Law and Policy (Duke University)

This is the highly recommended course for anyone who wants to learn about the critical regulatory, legal and policy issues which are associated with online lending, initial coin offerings, cryptocurrencies, wealth management and new payments. This is the perfect class for all those Fintech entrepreneurs who want to gain knowledge about technologies. You will also get an overview on the working of new financial technologies. You will be taught by Lee Reiners who is an executive director at Global Financial Markets Center. Also, have a look at our take on Best Algorithmic Trading Courses.


Key USPs:

– Get exclusive training on mobile payments, US financial markets, and ICOs

– Well explained and easy to follow program

– Acquire knowledge unfamiliar topics that you must be aware of

– Know about U.S banking regulation

– On completion the training successfully, you will earn an e-certificate

– You can apply for financial aid with a simple application


Duration: 5 Weeks

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

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9. Build Your Fintech Foundation (CFTE) 

CFTEIf you want to understand fintech (financial technology), then joining this online class is the best option for you. This well-structured course is divided into 16 modules that will help you understand the basic concepts to learn the impact of technology in finance. It has been developed by four experts who have vast knowledge about the industry. The best part is that you can attend this tutorial as per your own schedule without leaving your place. Once you clear all the modules, you will earn a certificate. Don’t forget to check the Best Financial & Capital Markets Courses curated by us.


Key USPs:

– Get training from 16 Fintech CEOs and 4 industry experts

– Gain knowledge on what is going on Fintech

– Excellent course for those who want to start their career in fintech

– Perfect program for corporate governance of financial institutions like credit unions, banks or their regulators

– Interesting and comprehensive course that will give you in-depth understanding of financial technology


Duration: 8 Hours

Rating : 4.4 out of 5

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So these were the 8 Best Fintech Course, Certification, Training, Class available online for 2021 – 2019. Hope you found what you were looking for. Wish you Happy Learning!