8 Best Advance Management Programs & Certifications [2020]

Best Advance Management program course tutorial class certification training online

After conducting extensive research, a global team of 50+ experts compiled this list of Best Advanced Management Programs, Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certifications available online for 2020. This list includes the best online programs to help you learn Advanced Management. Also, it is ideal for intermediates, as well as experts.


8 Best Advance Management Programs & Certifications Online [2020]

1. Columbia Business School’s Advanced Management Program

columbia business schoolThe Advanced Management Program at Columbia Business School helps executives respond to evolving leadership challenges and create a vision to lead their companies to success. The program provides time, space, and resources for senior executives to learn from Ivy League faculty members and practitioners dedicated to developing truly transformative leaders.


Key USPs –

– Return to your organization with an action plan and tool kit to solve business challenges and organizational problems

– Learn how to lead authentically, examine leadership talents, and address areas for development through bulletproof methods to build culture and develop high-performing teams

– Drive the company’s performance while effectively managing internal and external stakeholders with the help of our strategic decision-making sessions

– Become a more effective negotiator and bring innovation to your company


Duration: 4 weeks or 2 modules of 2 weeks (2×2 option)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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2. Wharton’s Advanced Management Program — India

Senior executives choose Wharton’s Advanced Management Program — India (AMP) to amplify their business acumen and hone their leadership capabilities. Over your AMP journey, a select cohort of about 55 executives are immersed in a rigorous, experiential, transformative program that becomes a defining moment in their personal and professional lives. AMP is led by expert Wharton faculty, who bring extensive business knowledge, research, and proficiency to bear on all aspects of the program. Delivered in partnership with the McNulty Leadership Program at Wharton, AMP blends coursework, coaching, and experiential learning to develop visionary leadership capabilities in individuals. AMP provides the foundation from which senior executives can reach the next level of achievement and success.


Key USPs –

– RIGOR: Sharpen your business acumen and further leadership capabilities

– CHALLENGES: Test your leadership through experiential learning

– SELF-AWARENESS: Gain perspective and insights from your executive coach

– CONNECTIONS: Become part of a global network of peers

– INSPIRATION: Inspire your team to achieve a higher level of performance


Duration: 6 months

Rating: 4.7 out of 5

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3. Cambridge Senior Management Programme (University of Cambridge)

University of Cambridge Executive EducationManaging executives with more than five years of experience in functional, technical, or operational roles in organizations can leverage this course to update their knowledge. It is a six-month course in which senior executives from around the globe will interact with fellow professionals in a small group to maximize learning. The course is designed to educate managers with technology-driven strategic operations and how they can motivate teams to get productivity. Apart from operational benefits and organizational transformations, this Cambridge programme will also enable managers to understand the digital shift in organizations.


Key USPs –

– Hone your leadership and operational skills to be a change leader

– Be a part of this world-class programme with 14 expert faculties of the Cambridge University

– Interact and share your views with peers from different backgrounds from all over the world due to small group sessions

– Become a part of a vibrant network of alumni with over 9600 members

– Get exclusive invites to the networking events happening globally


Duration: 6 Months

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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4. Advanced Management Program (MIT Sloan)

This Advanced Management Program by MIT is a career transformative executive education program for experienced leaders around the world. The globally renowned faculties of MIT will engage the learners in custom learning elements such as personalized feedback assessments, one-on-one leadership coaching, case studies, management simulations, interactive classroom sessions, etcetera. Get to know more about the world-famous companies, centers, and labs that make MIT the learning innovation epicenter worldwide. Applicants are instructed to apply early as the seats are limited. Late applicants will be waitlisted until the next session.


Key USPs –

– The course contains lectures, business simulations, case studies, team-building experiences, executive panels, 360° feedback, and personal assessments.

– Get the opportunity to network with the program participants and alumni.

– Learn to implement systematic and significant changes in your organization effectively.

– Get the latest insights on the topics of Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, Fintech, etc.

– Get access to a private LinkedIn group exclusively accessible to ACE participants.

– Upon the program completion, participants will get Advanced Certificate for Executives in Management, Innovation, and Technology (ACE) awarded by MIT Sloan.


Duration: 5 weeks

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

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Review: Overall, a great program and assembly of good cohort. Most of the content was excellent and relevant for real life application. – Raj M



5. Advanced Management Program (Wharton School)

Becoming a senior leader brings a lot of responsibilities on your way to accomplish. You need to be more decisive in every perspective and strategize your thought process more efficiently. The Advanced Management Program by Wharton prepares you with the instincts, skills, and knowledge to become a better decision-maker. Examine your leadership skills by exploring your strengths and shortcomings. Deepen your emotional intelligence and develop a significant leadership philosophy. Not only professionally, but this program lets you grow personally as well.


Key USPs –

– Learn the actionable strategies regarding the subjects of Innovation, Business Strategy, Finance, Marketing, and more.

– Learn the art of negotiation and empowering emotional intelligence to sharpen your leadership skills.

– You will undergo enhanced individual coaching sessions before the program takes place, and after the program ends.

– Be part of the group sessions that let you share your challenges and goals in the group of your peers belong to similar edges.

– Connect with like-minded peers and program alumni for constant support and advice.

– Get the prestigious Wharton Alumni Status and become the part of the 99,000 members-strong global alumni network.


Duration: 5 weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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6. Advanced Management Program: Prepare for the Highest Level of Leadership (Harvard Business School)

This course by Harvard Business School transforms you from a leader to a Global Change Maker. Learn to innovate and become more decisive by mastering the daily digital transformation. Whether you are about to get promoted to a more significant leadership role or to join the executive suite, this Advanced Management Program will gear you up towards the competitive organizational challenges. The program is entirely delivered on the Harvard Business School campus, spread over a 7-week session. The course content is ideally crafted to emphasize your leadership shortcomings.


Key USPs –

– This continuous program will help you to explore the global financial sphere to capture opportunities for the betterment of your organization.

– Become a recognizable leader of a worldwide organization by outperforming your competition while setting up the right strategies and securing the financial system of your company.

– Learn to analyze the competitive advantages, evaluate the current and upcoming trends in the market, and establish an effective corporate strategy.

– Learn the best practices of Digital Transformation, identifying opportunities, and fruitful implementation of Artificial Intelligence.

– Become a lifelong member of the global Harvard School Business alumni community and take advantage of the exclusive resources and global networking opportunity.


Duration: 7 weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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7. Advanced Management Program – AMP (IMD)

The Advanced Management Program by IMD expands your availability of conventional thinking and picking up a profitable business idea. This executive program is thoroughly designed to develop global leaders of tomorrow. IMD is recognized as one of the best global institutions for executive education by the Financial Times. Take your leadership skills to the all-new heights and learn to drive effective business results. If you are looking to stay competitive in the everchanging business era, then this program will suit you the best.


Key USPs –

– This online self-awareness program enables you to gain leadership skills while being on your job and makes the program an on-job-training that lets you implement your learning instantly in your workplace.

– Learn the art of critical thinking, organizational planning, project management, and business management.

– Learn to cope up with this fast-changing business arena by integrating multiple functions like Human Resource, Finance Communications, etcetera to increase the organizational value.

– The instructors of this program are the reputed business educators and international business consultants.

– Learn to make better decisions by analyzing the global megatrends that shape the future of business.

– Apart from instructor feedback, get involved in peer-to-peer learning and feedback exchange sessions.


Duration: 3 weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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8. Enterprise Leadership Program (Kellogg School of Management)

Kellogg School of Management offers the premier Enterprise Leadership Program that provides an immersive and extensive learning experience to make you the future leader capable of making effective decisions. If you are looking to move up to the advanced leadership levels in your organization, then this uniquely designed advanced program will surely help you. Master the integration of the latest frameworks and tools to lead a transformational organization in an ever-changing business environment. World-class faculty takes you through experiential learning to enhance self-awareness among the learners. A multidisciplinary approach is taken, supported by both executive coaching and peer-to-peer learning.


Key USPs –

– The course can be taken by the senior business leaders who are soon to join the C-suite.

– Learn to adopt an enterprise mindset, adjusting resources and priorities to achieve organizational goals.

– Learn to communicate with confidence, and influence people to take the desired decision.

– Get to know how to create an impeccable company culture and the best practices of talent acquisition.

– Get self-development and self-reflection opportunities and develop interpersonal skills.

– Guest speakers and leading practitioners will coach you to provide real-world exposure.


Duration: 3 weeks

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

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So, these were the best 6 Advanced Management Programs, Courses, Classes, Tutorials, Training, and Certifications available online. Cheers to your success, Team Digital Defynd!